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Anne Hytta
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Anne Hytta, Hardanger fiddle: Music & Colors: New Norwegian compositions for hardanger fiddle

DRAUMSYN is the debut solo album of Norwegian hardanger fiddle player Anne Hytta. This CD is a selection of her own compositions, rooted in the traditional Norwegian hardanger fiddle style, but truly unique and timeless in sound and expression. The music of DRAUMSYN is a travel into an unknown world, a world of ancient wisdom, emotions and colours, closely connected to the nature of Norwegian mountain landscapes, valleys and streams. Fans of Scandinavian music as well as open-minded listeners of any genre will be fascinated by this one-of-a-kind recording beyond common conventions of folk-, world-, or classical music.

“Draumsyn also deserves to be praised as a sound product. Rarely have I heard a richer, truer and more detailed fiddle sound. The sympathetic strings shines, we can hear the dust of the raisin and can count the number of hairs on the bow, and the sound in the room is quite simply sensational. Producer and sound technician Jonas Niederstadt has really done his job. May this album become school-forming as a sound product, as well as a composed and performed album.” (Sindre Bremnes, Folkemusikk, Norway)

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